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In-house Design and Engineering

We, Ethics Infinity Pvt. Ltd. build greenhouses as per International Standards. Every greenhouse is designed in-house by engineers who are best able to interpret your wishes. Short lines of communication with the team preparing the work ensure that the schedule is planned down to the smallest detail. Ethics Infinity builds a complete range of greenhouses, from the well-known Venlo greenhouse, Natural Ventilated Greenhouse, Forced Ventilated Greenhouse, Dome Shape Net house and Low Cost Flat Roof Net house.

The location, the crop and your ideas all play an important role. Once you sit down with the team of Ethics Infinity, your greenhouse will gradually take shape. Anything is possible: in terms of height, shape and dimensions, starting from just a few hundred square meters. You can also equip your greenhouse with all sorts of systems. We maintains contacts with the most important suppliers in the India as well as in foreign countries. This allows systems to be integrated perfectly into the greenhouse design and suppliers’ schedules can also be matched to one another.

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