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To present the company at corporate level, company has setup the sophisticated infrastructure facility at his registered office located at Pipodara, Surat Gujarat, at the area having the space more than 13316 Sq.Ft. Our infrastructure covers Corporate Office, Production House, Training Center, Packing House, Warehouse, Canteen and Labor Quarter.

Corporate Office – 1312 Sq. Feet Corporate Office – 1312 Sq. Feet 

There are 2 stories corporate building is built in the area of more than 1312 Sq. Ft. In the ground floor all the department works are carried out like Account, Banking & Government, Agronomy, Design, Automation, Marketing, Sales, Service, HR & Admin., Production, IT, Irrigation, Purchase and Store Department. Also company’s Directors and General Manager are also seating at Ground floor of the corporate building.

Production House - 3280 Sq. Feet Production House - 3280 Sq. Feet 

On the ground floor company having the production capacity of 1 acre of GI Green House Structure materials per day. So the operate the manufacturing process in the full flash company has set up the manufacturing the unit in the area of more than 3280 Sq. Feet. Also company has setup his 2 line manufacturing lines of fully automatic and semi-automatic machines for the purpose to mitigate the higher manufacturing requirements.

Packing & Warehouse - 3936 Sq. Feet Packing & Warehouse - 3936 Sq. Feet 

Also the company believes in the delivered the materials with good quality and on time delivery. So to deliver the materials on time, company have to maintain the minimum level of inventory and keep the same in to good condition. So company has maintain two Warehouse one at the ground floor near by the manufacturing unit for the GI Materials and another at the first floor for the Accessories and Covering Materials in the area of more than 3936 Sq. Feet.

Labor Quarters: - 656 Sq. Feet Labor Quarters: - 656 Sq. Feet 

There are more than 10 nos. of labor who is working in the manufacturing process. Also they all are resides in the factory premises itself so that the company provided the labor quarter in the factory premises in the area of more than 656 Sq. Feet.

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