Grow Bag

We offer Coco peat grow bag. Grow bags are made with specially graded coco peat for green house flower crop and vegetables production and is available in custom sizes. Due to long life of grow bags it can be reused several times which eliminates the need to replace growing media after every crop provided if they are free of any disease.

Advantages of Using Grow Bag

Substrate promoted growth

Equal water and air distribution

Stable pH and EC values

Easy to manage when dry

Can be re-used after crop to improve soil

Compressed and easy to handle

Rapid dense root growth

Simple application

Reduced labour costs due to long-life of media

Grow Bag Specification

Specification Values
Product Grow Bag
Compressed Dimension 100 x 18 x 4 cms
Expanded Dimension 100 x 18 x 16 cms
Material 70 % Coco peat mixed with 30% short fiber
Electrical Conductivity (EC) Less than 1 ms/cm
PH 6 to 7
Compression Ratio 5 : 1
Unit Weight 3 Kgs
Packing UV Treated (3 Year) Poly Bag
Inner Black & Outer White