Soil Solarization Material

Soil Solarization Paper

Soil Solarization can be used to control Soil – borne disease, bacteria, fungi, insects, nematodes and weeds. Soil Solarization is normally done by covering the moist soil with a 25 Micron transparent polyethylene film exposed to sunlight.

Advantages of Soil Solarization

Controls weed, nematodes and other soil borne diseases

Enhances germination and helps in the development of healthy seedlings

Enhances plant growth and yield

Helps in reducing usage of weedicides / herbicides

Specification of Soil Solarization Paper

Transparent in color

High Barrier

Heavy Duty

Width: 4.1 meter

Length: 250 Meter in 1 Roll

Thickness: 25 Micron

Formaldehyde Chemical

The Formaldehyde chemical is used to Soil Solarization.Formaldehyde is marketed as Formalin, an aqueous solution, which contains 37-40% formaldehyde, which has a poor penetration and diffusion ability.For drenching, Formalin is used at the rate of 10 Kgs. for 100 sq. meter. i.e. 400 Kgs. of Formalin will be required for 4000 sq. meter Greenhouse.