Trellising Accessories

Trellising Rope

We provide white Nylon Rope which is used for trellising tomatoes, Cucumbers and other Vine plants. This Trellising Rope is used with tomato clips to help hold up the plants. The Trellising Rope helps to keep fruits off the ground which reduces damage caused by ground insect. It helps in increasing Production and decreasing disease. This Trellising Rope is quick and easy to use for greenhouse and Open field production.


Specification Values
Form Rope
Color White
Length Per Kg in Meter 1890 (± 50 Meter)
Tenacity (Grams/denier) 5.0 ( ± 0.5)
Net Weight of String per Roll (Grams) 500 or 1000 (± 100 Gram)

Trellising Clip

Tomato, capsicum, cucumber plants and other soft-stemmed plants need support to grow upwards. So We, Ethics Infinity Pvt. Ltd. provides Trellising Clip which offers value – added fastening solutions for greenhouse culture. It saves operating labour and assures minimum handling damage to plant, resulting into more productivity and better management of a number of vegetable crops like Tomato, Capsicum, and Cucumbers etc.This clip is used to connect the plant to the trellising Rope.


Improves Production, Quality & Yield

Increases usable space, more plants

Keeps Plant off the ground making operations (harvesting, spraying etc.) easy

Reduces labor

Reduces time of operation

Reduces crop damage during operations

Prevents soil borne diseases & pests

No adverse effect on plants


Specification Values
Types of Crops Tomato, Cucumber, Capsicum
Color Clear
Diameter 23 mm
Units per Box 7500

GI Wire Rope

GI Wire Rope is used as Trellising Wire. This Wire should be of 3mm Thickness and of Galvanized high Carbon steel material. This Trellising Wire is used at 3 meter height from ground level parallel to beds and number of Wires will be 8 for 8 meter span. The trellis support wires to the trellising wires should be of 3mm GI Wire Rope and to be fitted at 4 Meter distance.

GI Wire Rope Clamp

We supply a quality range of GI Wire Rope Clamps that is used to fix the loose end of the loop back to the wire rope. It consists of a u-shaped bolt, a forged saddle and two nuts. Three or more clamps are usually used to terminate a wire rope. The GI Wire Rope Clamp is available for 3 mm Thickness GI Wire Rope.