Agronomy Services

We at Ethics Infinity Pvt. Ltd. (EIPL) are Surat based company providing Agronomy Consulting Service to Hi-tech Floriculture & Horticulture Projects.We provide expert agronomy service to Greenhouse Holder and Shade net house holder for their greenhouse crops like, Capsicum, Cucumber, Tomato, Gerbera, Roses etc.We specialize in services for optimizing production and quality of fresh vegetables and flowers in Greenhouses & Net houses.We can offer custom designed agronomy services based on the requirement of the farmer and project for protected cultivation of vegetables and flowers.We provide our consultancy with and without material. We supply all type of plants like Rose, gerbera, Carnation, Anthurium, Cucumber, Color Capsicum, Tomato etc.

Importance of Agronomy Services

One of the most crucial and important factors for ensuring a successful Greenhouse project is the agro-technical and agronomic knowledge required for establishing optimal conditions and perfect synchronization among all of the greenhouse systems throughout the various stages of production. The implementation of this technology and successful agronomic achievements are among EIPL s’ primary goals. Therefore, we view agronomic accompaniment as an inseparable part of the Turnkey Project Package that we supply to our customers.Our in-house agronomy team with specialization in protected agriculture provide the valuable guidance & training for cultivation.

Our Comprehensive Agronomy Services included

Soil and Water sampling, testing and recommendation for Crop Selection & optimal production

Crop scheduling, Seeds & Variety recommendation and crop rotation planning

Preparation of Growing media

Availability of high quality saplings

Develop Fertilizer, Crop protection and disease prevention schedules

Irrigation and Fertilizer Management

Pest Management

Twice a Month Field visit to check and Crop inspection for disease, weed, insect scouting

Provide guidance on field for daily practices to farmer and his workers

Preparing &delivering detail report of current situation of crop and advice as per requirement at site

Online Guidance if required in between Field visit

Training for Trellising, Cutting and pruning

Harvesting & Post harvesting Training

Guidance for grading, sorting, packing and shipping of produce

Sharing of Technology updates and produce innovation