A cold room is a storage space that is used to keep products cool between trading. Products stay in general for a maximum of three days in the cold rooms. Cold rooms are in general not equipped with humidity control. Cold rooms are used to cool different types of fruits and vegetables at the same time.

“Ethics Infinity Pvt. Ltd.” offers a wide range of Pre-fabricated Cold Rooms and Combo (Chillers & Freezers) Rooms .Our Cold rooms are designed for special applications and special temperature control. As per demand of various industries, we design Walk- in cold rooms that are widely used for chilling and freezing application. The user-friendly structure is a CFC-free refrigeration system, which facilitates efficient cooling, freezing of the chamber. Food safe and CFC free, these cold rooms are widely used for Food Processing and Pharmaceutical industry, also by Fisheries, Hotels and Research & Development companies.

Specifications of Cold Rooms

PUF Insulated, Highly Efficient & use very less electricity.

Provide temperature range of -40 degree Celsius to 2 degree Celsius

Very efficient in temperature control by Digital Controller cum Indicators

Prefabricated & modular in construction

Requires no additional building

Have very reasonable price & quick delivery period

Have long life solutions with cladding of pre-painted G.I / Stainless steel sheets / Marine Grade Ply / other specific cladding

Can fully in worst ambient conditions

Fully automatic & easy operational

Low maintenance and excellent weather tightness large panel size will reduces joints

Fast erection time saves cost of construction with one step installation, as compared to multi step field work of conventional insulated buildings.

How to select fruits & vegetables for cold rooms?

There are six requirements for the selection of a crop that is suitable for cold rooms:

1) The shelf life of the crop will be significantly extended when they will be cooled

2) The production volume of the concerning crop.

3) The average price must be above a certain price per kg per volume If the crop has a low volume/price ratio a cold storage is not economical because of the high power costs.

4) The price fluctuation during the year

5) The harvest season of the crop. This in combination with the shelf life is an important parameter.

6)The cooling temperature.