Fan & Pad Greenhouse

We, Ethics Infinity Pvt. Ltd. are a foremost Construction Company that makes Fan & Pad Greenhouses. It is used to provide a controlled growing environment to grow special crops and plants. This greenhouse is provided with special-purpose fans to draw air into the greenhouse through high-efficiency cooling pads made from high surface area ribbons of cellulose fiber. Humidity is controlled by an elaborate system of foggers. Fertigation is implemented by an efficient drip-irrigation system.

This type of greenhouse is ideal for growing nursery plants. Plants grown for nursery propagation have to be provided with a very specific environment. Nursery plants are very valuable and need extreme care during the early stages of their development.

This type of greenhouse is used in hydroponics system, i.e. Soil less cultivation system which enables us to grow the exotic vegetables such as Kale, Lettuce, Broccoli, Zucchini, Herbs like Basil, Oregano, Ginger, Turmeric, fruits like Strawberries, Blueberries, etc. in off season. Typically, exotic plants and crops meant for the export market or as import-substitutes are grown in such greenhouses. The temperature and humidity can be controlled to provide the exact growing environment required for plants that grow in temperate regions.

Structure Specifications

Particular Specifications
Product Fan and pad Greenhouse
Bay Size 8-9 Meter (Span) x 4-5 Meter (Bay)
Top Height 6-6.5 Meter
Gutter Height 3-5 meter from Floor Area
Gutter Slop 2% or as per requirement
Gutter Frame Industrial Press Gutter made from GI Coil of 500mm Width
Gutter Clamp Made From Hot Dip Galvanized Sheet of 2.5mm Thickness
Hockey 2.5 Meter Two side.
Columns Pipe 76 mm OD
Trusses / Bottom Pipe 60 mm OD
Top Arches Pipe 48 mm OD
Purlins Pipe Top Purlin : 42 mm OD; Other Purlin : 33/27 mm OD
Foundation Pipe 60 mm OD & 1.2 Meter Length
Fixing of cladding materials All ends/joints of plastic film need to be fixed with two way Aluminum profiles
Cladding material UV stabilized 200 micron, White Diffused 50% PE film conforming to standards having properties like Anti dust, Anti-drip, Anti-fog, IR thermic, light diffusion.
Spring Insert Zigzag high carbon steel spring action wire of 2.5 mm diameter
Apron Two Side Laminated Apron for prevention of animal entering into greenhouse.
Shade Net UV stabilized Shade Net of 50% shade factor with manual operated mechanism.
Gutter Funnel With Drainage Pipe We have provide water harvesting system with gutter funnel with flexible pipe.
Fasteners High Tensile Strength & Hot Dip Galvanized (120 GSM)
Entrance Door Hinge Door made from Aluminum Frame & Polycarbonate Sheet