Dosing Pump

Electric Dosing Pump:

Specifications of piston operated Electric Dosing pump

Operation in Pulse type

Dosing flow is adjustable

High chemical resistance

Easy installation

Available in different ranges(50,100,200,300,500,1000 lph)

Hydraulic Dausing Pump:

Dosing pumps Dosatron allow to operate precisely process of plant nutrition depending on their needs for nourishments and a vegetation phase of plants. Dosing pumps also are necessary at disinfection and the maintenance of systems, in all situations when precise batching any liquid and water-soluble substances is necessary.Using dosing pumps in gardening, truck farming, a forestry, it is possible successfully:

To fertilize: establishing only norm of fertilizer in view of age and needs of plants

To spend actions: struggle against weeds, fungoid diseases, insects-wreckers

To disinfect: dosing out acids, etc

To dose out almost each liquid preparation

Advantages of the dosing pumps:

The hydraulic engine, without electricity

The accuracy of batching proportional to the size of a water flow

Are simple in use and the maintenance

Elasticity and quickness of installation

Opportunity of fast change of a doze and preparations without changes of adjustments on the control desk

Operating principle:

Dosatron is the device which is connected to a water supply system, and as its power source is the water pressure. Under its influence the mechanism takes up the required percentage of concentrate, doses out in a necessary proportion, and then mixes it with water. This solution is forced downstream.

The amount of concentrate will be directly proportional to the volume of water entering the Dosatron, regardless of variations in flow or pressure which may occur in the main line.