GI Wire

We offers Hot Dip GI Wires in size of 2.5mm thickness. Zinc Coating wares from 120 gram/Sq. Meter to 140 gram/Sq. Meter as per IS: 280 -2006. Zinc Coating is done through Hot Dip Galvanizing process. This GI Wire is used in Greenhouse for trellising System for the growing Vegetable. This GI Wire is also used to make GI Wire Mesh for Vegetable Garden Trellis.

Technical Specifications

Specifications Value
Product Hot Dip Galvanized Wire
Thickness 2.5 mm or 12 Gauge
Tensile Strength 300 – 550 Mpa
Zinc Coating 120 – 140 Gram/Sq. Meter
Weight per 100 Meter 4.4 Kgs.