Tape Roll

Ethics Infinity Pvt. Ltd. is a one of the supplier of Greenhouse Film Repair Tape. This Film Repair Tape or Poly Patch Tape is widely used for EVA Film, PE Film and PVC Film etc. This Film is mainly used for fixing the damages to Greenhouse Poly Film.

Greenhouse Film Repair Tape is a single coated, UV stabilized, clear, polyethylene film with a high tack acrylic adhesive. Both tape and adhesive are UV protected to help prevent deterioration. This tape is strong enough to reinforce high stress sections of greenhouses and prevent tearing as well. A complete first aid kit for greenhouses, the rugged patching tape bonds aggressively to polyethylene film.

This 6 mil thick, UV stabilized polyethylene tape is great for repairing rips, tears and holes in greenhouses and for fixing smaller holes and reinforcing areas. This adhesive tape is clear and blends in nicely with any greenhouse plastic. This tape helps you to add up to 3 years of life to your greenhouse and save on replacement costs.

Single Coated

150 Micron Thickness

UV stabilized


Polyethylene Material

Acrylic Adhesive

UV and Weather Resistant

High Adhesion and Cohesion

Aggressive Adhesion to Films