Dendrobium, belonging to family Orchidaceae, is the largest genus of Orchids. In general, Orchids are most abundant in the tropics and sub-tropics, where the conditions are favourable for the growth of Orchids. The tropical species are mostly epiphytic and the largest epiphytic genus is Dendrobium.

Orchids have occupied a significant position in the world cut-flower industry for their attractive, beautiful range of colors, variation in shape and long shelf life.

Based on the growth habit, Orchids are grouped into two types, viz, sympodial and monopodial.

Sympodial growth habit: The plants produce a thick bulb-like structure, known as pseudo-bulb, which usually grows along the rhizome. Examples are Dendrobium, Cattleya, Oncidium and Bulbophyllum.

Monopodial growth habit: The plants produce one main stem that grows taller every year. The stem elongates, adding new leaves to the top and aerial roots arise occasionally from the main stem. Examples are Vanda, Vanilla, Rhyncostylis, Arachnis, etc.