Volume Based Controller

Model: Galpro AC

GalPro is Galcon’s standalone irrigation controller that operates 4 or 8 valves with water and fertilizer flow monitoring. This controller (AC/DC) is designed for irrigation in small open fields and applications.

GalPro features a unique Human Machine Interface (HMI) with a special rotary switch which makes it easy to operate. The controller can be programmed for irrigation by time duration or by water amount.

The sophisticated GalPro has various advanced and unique features such as warning in case of water leakage or system damage, proportional fertilizing, and setting up conditions for special operations.


Fixed outputs 8 irrigation valves
1 master valve
1 or 2 fertilizer pump output and 1 filter or 7 valves
2 filter flushers; operate latch elements (solenoids, latch relays)
Volatge output 1 special alarm output; operates a 12VDC relay up to 150mA And Gives 24v AC to operate valves
Fixed inputs 4 water meters
1 or 2 fertilizer meter
3 condition inputs
HMI with special rotary switch For easy use
Irrigation settings By time duration or by water quantity
Advanced settings Program for each valve independently or to schedule a series of programs that will operate one after the other
Battery voltage 6VDC or 12VDC according to operator needs AC-110/220VAC
Outputs latch electric pulses (12 in total) 16VDC 1.8W and flexible pulse duration 3.0-240 ms