Low Tunnel

Low tunnels are essentially miniature versions of high tunnels, usually two to four feet tall at their peak and four to six feet wide. Length varies, but less than 50 feet is recommended for windy areas. Low Tunnel are generally made from PVC pipe as a main Frame with moon Shape structure. This low tunnel frame is covered with Plastic Poly film sheet which is weighted down to the ground or buried rather than attached to the structure. They may also be used within high tunnels.

Low tunnels can provide a low-cost, cost-effective investment option for those are seeking for an entry point to poly tunnel production or for those wishing to enhance their current poly tunnel production capacity. Low tunnels offer an alternative form of crop protection and season extension that may work even better than a high tunnel for some growers and in certain situations.

Low tunnels works on the same simple technology as high tunnels, at a fraction of cost. These low cost structures can be dissembled, moved throughout the farm, and work with the contours of the land. Similar to high tunnels, plastic covered low tunnels provide crops with several degrees of protection against outer atmosphere.

Technical Specification

Particular Specification
Product Low Tunnel
Size As per Requirement
Top Height 2-4.0 Feet, Half Moon Shape
Width 1 Meter
Length 10 Meter
Frame Material GI Pipe
Top Covering Plastic & Spun Bond non-woven-Crop Cover fabric
GSM 17 to 30 GSM
Width 3-3.5 m

Advantage of Low Tunnel

Light Structure

Low Cost Structure

Easy to Install

It can be Easley dissemble and relocate to other site

Maintenance is very Easy

It can be use to grow up off season crop

Growing Crop under Low Tunnel

Crops growing under low tunnels include: spinach, kale, collards, chard, leeks, scallions, carrots, cabbage, parsley and arugula.