Ethics – Tea Tonic

ETHICS -TEA TONIC is an optimized mixture of highly organic organ as tread base oil and additives to provide environmental biodegradable liquid which is highly soluble in water and helps in uniform application to the tea plant. It is used in organic farming because of its non-toxic and non-phototoxic nature. Which does not allow any kind of disease and promotes plant’s immune system.

Benefits of Tea Tonic:

Tea Tonic 100% Organic Product and non-toxicity, No side effects.

Tea Tonic liquid quickly 100% soluble in water.

Tea Tonic is made based on herbs botanical extracts and other essential herb.

Tea Tonic using after effective and fast action on Tea plant in under any Condition.

Tea Tonic using after safer for natural enemies and beneficial any insects.

Revitalize plants by regulating and stimulating plants hormonal system.

It also increases cell division and enlargement which can lead to better quality products.

It provides the strength to withstand abiotic and biotic stresses like drought and disease.

Saves plant from weather effect and more yield.

Reduces the need for fungicides and pesticides and other chemicals’.

It helps in improving plant growth, yield and its quality.

It helps in increasing crop yield.

The nutritional and flavor values of the leaves can be restored using the use of TEA TONIC.

Tea Tonic has good wettability characteristics .Emulsifiers added to the base oil to make it water soluble. Because of this, it can be uniformly applied to every part of the plant.

Tea Tonic when applied does not leave any taint on tea but tea leaves and plant become healthy and greenish.

The cost of pesticides spray can be reduced by using Tea Tonic, so it is cost effective.

How to Work :

Tea Tonic is sprayed on the leaves of tea plants in the form of emulsion from which to plant especially prepared for increasing immunity of plant and highly effective in increasing the rapid growth of plants. It provides the strength to withstand abiotic and biotic stresses like drought and disease.

Typical Properties

1 Appearance Liquid
2 Color White
3 Organic minerals 100 %
4 water soluble 100%
5 Non toxicity & Side effects 0%
6 Density 0.92
7 Thermal stability Up to 60 C

ETHICS – TEA TONIC has been widely evaluated the Bio Formulation test report released by the TOCKLAI TEA RESEARCH INSTITUTE TEA RESEARCH ASSOCIATE JORHAT ASSAM has no pesticide chemicals in the report and the details report are as follows.

Pesticide Detected Ethics –Tea Tonic
DDT isomers Not Detected
HCH isomers Not Detected
Chlopyriphos Not Detected
Dicofol Not Detected
Endosulphan Not Detected
Ethion Not Detected
Bifenthrin Not Detected
Fenpropathrin Not Detected
L- Cyhalothrin Not Detected
Deltamethrin Not Detected
Cypermethrin Not Detected
Beta – Cyfluthrin Not Detected
Emmmectin Benzoate Not Detected

Application Methodology:

Ethics-Tea Tonic should be spray of 5 ml in 15 liters of water (Pump) on every 7th day.

Shake very well before use.

Application protocols:

Do not use with any chemical farm inputs.

The water which are used for spraying, should be less than 250 TDS.

Temperature of atmosphere should be below 30° C.

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