Planting Material

We ethics Organic farm Produce a variety of healthy seedlings using highly sophisticated Greenhouse, for supply to farmers who wish to maximize their crop production.We are dependable suppliers of seedling papaya plant, sugar-cane plant, vegetable seedling and flower seedling


We have Hi-tech poly house to protect seedling from pest and disease.Poly house structures with fogging, sprinkler and air circulation system help us to create suitable climate to seedling.Shade house are used to harden greenhouse raised plants to outside conditions.


We have highly qualified and experienced staff to raise disease free and healthy seedling.
Our labor are also well trained and experienced enough to handle technical and practical work properly.


We are constant supplier of seedling since, more year.

We give assurance on variety and quality of plant.

Ethics organic farm has been successful to meet customer satisfaction.

We have enough transportation system and facility to supply planting material without any damage at any place.

We use soil-less mixture for seedling production so plants have more and rapid root growth moreover, plants are free from soil-borne disease like Nematode, fungus.

We also provide agronomical support to our customer.

1) Vegetable Seedling

Capsicum Seedling
Cauliflower Seedling
Chilli Seedling
Cucumber Seedling
Tomato Seedling
Bridal Seedling
Bhindi Seedling
Cabbage Seedling
Guvar Seedling
Drum Stick Seedling

2) Gourd Seedling

Ridge Gourd Seedling
Bitter Gourd Seedling
Bottle Gourd Seedling

3) Fruit Seedling

Papaya Seedling
Musk melon Seedling
Water melon Seedling

4) Flower Seedling

Marigold Seedling

5) Sugar cane Seedling