Ethics Infinity Pvt. Ltd. provide most advanced fruits ripening Chambers for fruits like mango, banana and papaya. We offers standard Fruits Ripening Chamber which provide most cost effective solution in ripening fruits. There are various methods for ripening fruits. The Ripening fruits with Ethylene is the most popular way of doing ripening. Ripening with Ethylene is scientific and safe ripening method accepted worldwide. Exposure of unripe fruit to a miniscule dose of ethylene is sufficient to stimulate the natural ripening process until the fruit itself starts producing ethylene in large Quantities. When it happened in the controlled temperature and humidity condition. The output will be excellent. In today’s world of globalization, customer has become very much quality conscious about the fruits if fruits properly ripened and displayed in presentable form with attractive color definitely catches the eyes of the buyer and fetch higher value. Ethylene gas used for ripening most of the climacteric fruits like Banana, Mango, Papaya, etc. under controlled condition of temperature, humidity and ethylene concentration in air tight room. Ethylene being natural hormone does not pose any health hazard for fruits and also being detraining agent which turn out peel from green to perfect yellow and maintain sweetness and aroma of fruit thus value addition in fruit is possible.

Banana Ripening Chamber:

We, Ethics Infinity Pvt. Ltd. are a leading manufacturer and supplier of Banana Ripening Chamber for Food Industry. We undertake turnkey projects of both fully automation and semi-automatic Ripening Chambers that are manufactured using finest quality material so that these are in compliance with international quality standards. We offer them at most affordable rates and deliver the entire product range with customized solutions. Our Banana Ripening Chambers are designed and engineered to stimulate natural ripening process without altering the taste or Freshness.

Importance of Ripening Chamber Design

Ripening Chambers are very important for proper and efficient banana ripening; not just any room will suffice. A commercial ripening Chamber must have the following:

The Chamber must be as air tight as possible to prevent ethylene loss. This also prevents ethylene from entering unwanted areas (like other banana rooms or cold storage rooms holding ethylene-sensitive items).

The Chamber must be properly insulated to be able to control the temperature within a degree or so.

The Chamber must have adequate refrigeration capacity to accurately control pulp temperature.

The Chamber may need heating equipment in order to maintain proper room temperature in cold weather.

The Chamber must have adequate air circulation. Because uniform pulp temperatures throughout the load are essential for even ripening, the refrigerated air in the room must circulate at all times and uniformly throughout the load. For pressurized, forced air ripening rooms, this is typically inherent in the design. However, for non-pressurized rooms, the boxes of bananas should be “air stacked”. That is, the boxes should be offset to allow the air to circulate among all the boxes since a non-pressurized room design will not pass air through boxes but around them.

Features of Banana Ripening Chamber

Specially designed, economic version as direct replacement to ripening room using Calcium Carbide.

Standard Banana Ripening chamber are equipped with Eco- friendly and state-of-the-art refrigeration system designed for trouble-free and optimum performance.

Multi-compressor Refrigeration rack system specially designed to undertake needs of the ripening working cycle (with optional standby compressor).

Equipped with either Air Cooled or Water cooled condensers as per customer requirements.

Forced Draft coolers are designed for good air circulation &provide high humidity conditions for proper ripening of fruits.

Air tight chambers with specially designed doors

Extreme turbulent air waves across chamber for quick collection and dissipation of field heat.

High humidity coil cooling unit for an excellent performance in humidification.

Air path control mechanism for even distribution of chilled air across fruits.

Power full refrigeration system for Quick pull down of field heat.

Intelligent Temperature control for enhanced shelf life of fruits.

Intelligent gas control system for high quality output fruits.

Centralized Refrigeration with multiple compressors for high level of flexibility in operation and energy saving with standby compressor.

Less power, connected as well as consumption hence low operating cost.

Reduction in weight loss of fruit [5%-8%] by maintaining excellent humidity level across ripening process.

Options for Web based monitoring and controlling of Temperature, Humidity, Ethylene and CO2.

Fully automatic ventilation and exhaust system & Automatic Ethylene Injection, control and CO2exhaust system.

Principle of Ripening and Working Cycle

The plant is generally operated on 4-6 days ripening cycle. This 4-6 days ripening cycle comprises of:

Operation: 14° to 23°C and >90% RH. Pull down time (16-20hrs) to 16° to 18° C

Ethylene injection, after 24 hours at constant room temperature of 18° or 19° C and >90% RH

Holding period 16-12 hours (total 24 hours from start of ethylene injection) temperature held at 18° or 19° C and 90% RH

Ventilation after 24 hours after ethylene injection. Ethylene and CO2 is expelled out and fresh air is injected in cold room. CO2 level not to exceed 5000ppm during ripening process.

Holding period for 3-4 days till coloration. Temperature can be reduced gradually to 14° to 16° C for enhancing the shelf life of the Fruit.

Air distribution system for uniform ripening of banana in palletized crates with Suitable air bypass sealing system for the crates.

Dosing Methodology

Ethylene gas based ripening system of three different types:

A. Manual Ripening System suitable for very small rooms/customers.

B. Semi-automatic Ripening System is timer based with motorized dampers for fresh air ingress and venting CO2 suitable for medium and large rooms / customers.

C. Fully Automatic Ripening System is sensor based with motorized dampers for fresh air ingress and venting CO2 suitable for medium and large rooms / customers.

Components of Ripening Chamber

The Major components of EIPL’s Ripening chambers are:

RPUF Insulated Panels suitable for Ripening chambers.

Insulated leak proof Doors designed for Ripening chambers.

Refrigeration rack system with energy-efficient components.

Specially Designed evaporators to ensure High humidity & Uniform airflow inside the ripening chamber.

Humidifiers are provided to maintain high humidity throughout the ripening process.

Electrical Control Panel for Refrigeration rack system.

Ethylene generators & Ethylene Gas-discharge systems suitable for single & multiple rooms for ripening processes.

CO2 and Ethylene analyzers to monitor levels of gas in the room.

Timer-based ventilation systems with dampers & exhaust fans for CO2.