Weather Station

Galcon’s meteorological station consists 0f 4 embedded sensors and 2 additional sensors

The sensor included in the product are:

Wind speed

Wind direction

Solar radiation

Rain pulses counter

The two additional are:

Air temperature

Relative Humidity

The first 4 sensor are available installed on one horizontal bar and connected by one round plug. This device has to be placed on a post, 2 meters (6ft) above any distributing elements. The temperature and the humidity sensor are installed in ventilated cell, The TH-Cell has to be placed in serviceable place, about 1.6m (5ft) above the ground.

Galcon’s MT-ST adaptor is converter card for the wind direction sensors, its purpose is to convert the wind speed (frequency) signal and the wind-direction (conductivity) signal to a standard 4-20mA ranged signal.

MT-ST Specification:

Minimum operation voltage: 15V DC

Maximum operation voltage: 32V DC

Maximum power consumption (Varying as sensor value changes): 0.1A – Include the TH-Cell