Irrigation Application

Irrigation Capabilities

The irrigation systems can operate:
One irrigation head (including main valve, water pump, main fertilizer).
Up to 100 valves.
Up to 8 fertilizer pumps.
Up to 5 fertilizing selectors.
Up to 10 filters.
Up to 20 drainage sampling outputs.
Up to 40 misting valves.
Additional elements.

The irrigating systems can also read: one water meter, 8 fertilizer meters, up to 100 sensors, special mixer inputs, special mixing, and recycling inputs. Up to 100 irrigation programs can be set with a variety of options. A single preset program can work up to 4 valves directly and 16 valves indirectly.
Preset fertilizer programs encompass a wide range of options, including:Up to 50 different fertilizer programs in which the proportion of fertilizer/water for each fertilizer pump is set along with the EC/pH requirement.

Time range for operation:

Up to 5 hourly start times per day.
Cyclic irrigation.
Several options for manual overriding.