SoilLess Cultivation Overview

Advantage of Soil less cultivation

Possible to cultivate in wasteland also

Possible to cultivate in media after easy process of disinfection

Better control EC and pH in the root zone

Better availability of micro and macro elements

Uniform irrigation and better control of root zone

Uniform growth

Better quality production

Better yield

Possible to reuse the drainage water and nutrients

Almost unlimited root zone continuous in trough system

Easy crop management

Improves the skill set of the grower

No weed problems

Ability to control diseases in the root zone and to sterilize the media

No need to use machinery cultivation and soil tillage operations


Parameter Substrate Soil
Root zone space Unlimited Limited to the substrate volume Unlimited
Available water Limited by the substrate volume and water capacity Dependent on soil type
Irrigation water tension 15-20 mili-bar 20-50 centi-bar
Nutrition NPK + micro elements NPK
pH Can be controlled Uncontrollable
Irrigation system Dense and precise Standard
Nutrition system Relative and controlled Standard