Cucumber is one of the famous and a widely cultivated vegetable plants and belong to the gourd family of “Cucurbitaceae”, genus of “Cucumis”. This is basically a creeping vine that bears cylindrical fruits that are used as vegetable. Cucumber is an important vegetable commonly grown throughout India. Cucumber Plant, as creeper has a climbing or trailing habit. The tender fruits are eaten raw or with salt in salad.

Nowadays the trend of growing cucumbers in greenhouses is parallel to growing tomatoes. The reason for this is that the cucumber is a type of semi-tropical vegetable that needs moisture, temperature, humidity, high light and fertilizer. If ailments and insects can be prevented, cucumbers can yield in record numbers and that is possible by growing cucumber in greenhouse, Net house or Poly tunnel.

Progressive Farmer can opt for growing cucumber in greenhouse and it can be a profitable business, however for growing cucumber in a greenhouse, the plant roots require excellent aeration. It is imperative to have a good drainage system. The soil needs to be made friable and organic substance need to be added to it.

Nowadays the seedless and long European cucumbers have become more popular compared to the North American Varieties. The benefit of the European varieties is that one can eat them without peeling. Often the thin skinned varieties are shrink wrapped and waxed to evade excessive moisture loss. This cucumber does not require pollination as it is a parthenocarpics species.

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Here, We are providing Greenhouse Cucumber cultivation manual.

Cucumber Cultivation Manual – Gujarati
Cucumber Cultivation Manual – Hindi
Cucumber Cultivation Manual – English