Tomato (Lycopersicon esculent) belongs to the genus Lycopersicon under Solanaceae family. Tomato is an herbaceous sprawling plant growing to 1-3 m in height with weak woody stem. The flowers are yellow in color and the fruits of cultivated varieties vary in size from cherry tomatoes, about 1–2 cm in size to beefsteak tomatoes, about 10 cm or more in diameter. Most cultivars produce red fruits when ripe. Tomato is a native to Peruvian and Mexican region. Though there are no definite records of when and how it came to India, the Portuguese perhaps introduced it to India.

Tomato is one of the most important “protective foods” because of its special nutritive value. It is one of the most versatile vegetable with wide usage in Indian culinary tradition. Tomatoes are used for soup, salad, pickles, ketchup, puree, sauces and in many other ways. It is also used as a salad vegetable. Tomato has very few competitors in the value addition chain of processing.

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Here, We are providing Greenhouse Tomato Cultivation manual.

Tomato Cultivation Manual – Gujarati
Tomato Cultivation Manual – Hindi
Tomato Cultivation Manual – English