Wire Rope Net House

A Wire Rope net house is a structure made from Hot dip galvanized Steel Pipe with quick couplings and enclosed by Agro nets or Anti Insect net to allow required sunlight, moisture and air to pass through the gaps. It creates an appropriate micro climate conductive to the plant growth. It is also referred as Wire Rope House or Net House.

Structure Specifications

Items Specifications
Product Wire Rope Net House
Structure Size 500 to 4000 sqm
Grid Size 6 Meter (Span) x 4 Meter (Bay)
Top Height 3 Meter
Hockey 2 Meter
GI Pipe IS Standard material
Wire Rope 4 mm GI wire rope
Shade Net 75% Shading factor, 120 GSM
Dock Clamp High Strength clamp

Lower cost high strength structure.

Helps in cultivation of flower plants, foliage plants, medicinal plants, vegetables and spices.

Used for fruit and vegetable nurseries as well as for raising of forest species etc.

Helps in quality drying of various Agro products.

Used to protect against pest attack.

Protects from natural weather disturbances such as wind, rain, hail and frost.

Used in production of graft saplings and reducing its mortality during hot summer days.

Used for hardening tissue culture planets.