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About Us

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Company Overview

Company Overview

About Us
As a part of ETHICS GROUP, We Ethics Infinity Pvt. Ltd. (EIPL) Located in Surat (Gujarat) is one of the Leading Companies in Ultimate Engineering solutions in various Engineering Segment Since last 10 Years.

Turnkey Engineering Solutions
Ethics Infinity is the leading engineering solution provider with the widest range of turnkey projects. We offer pre-engineered structures, warehouses, prefabricated buildings and more.

We are success-driven
As a company, we are committed to providing complete solutions to our customers at an affordable price. The company is ISO 9001:2012 certified and has all necessary approvals from the board of engineers.

Design for customised Solutions
We have in-house design engineers for creating customised solutions for various industries and clients. Our team has experience in creating designs that suit your budget, time and project needs.

Every Project is Our Priority
We have a dedicated team that ensures that every project is completed on time and within budget. We have the necessary resources to complete any task within agreed timelines, which means you get your product delivered faster than expected! .



Quality Management

Our Principles of Quality Management

All our employees work together to achieve complete customer satisfaction through "Total Quality Management" and focuses on quality of service.
● Customer Focused
● Process-Centered  
● Integrated System
● Communications   
         ● Continual Improvement
                ● Fact-Based Decision Making
                ● Total Employee Involvement
                           ● Strategic and Systematic Approach

Chairman Message

 Chairman's Message

Welcoming you to the onboard at Ethics Group.

We're working towards a common goal of achieving excellence by delivering world-class in the various trades we are engaged in & planning to get engaged in. I am happy to share that we achieved massive success in such a short time by building the brand Ethics. Here at Ethics, we are ardent believers in employee development, so as the company grows, you, too, have equal opportunity to grow professionally, personally and economically.

We believe if we put together hard work and commitment, we'll reach success. We want to spearhead our solutions and strive to be unparalleled. If you have the passion, skill and dedication, your perseverance will ensure you reach the company's top. Setting a marvellous example for others and attaining success is possible because the sky is the limit in Ethics.

Congratulations! Becoming a CEO here creates wonders already. As young professionals, we have limitless potential. We nurture this in you to bring out your hard work, commitment, determination, passion and responsibility. We will be glad to welcome & support such talents with us and to promote them with our vision, hard, innovative work, commitment, determination, passion and responsibility.

Let's work together to build this company for the future and do something exceptional for generations.