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Turnkey Projects Services

The full implementation of a project with various industrial processes requires precise coordination between a wide range of human and technical resources. The essence of turnkey projects is that in addition to the customer obtaining a satisfactory final product, they experience a complete purchase and delivery process, as well as a tailored, personalised and highly efficient service.

What is the objective of Turnkey projects of Warehouses...?

The TURNKEY PROJECT, sometimes also known as a turnkey service, is an agreement between the customer and the service/product supplier in which the latter undertakes to comprehensively manage all the project phases from the start or the preliminary phase to the final delivery of the contracted project. The Supplier will be responsible for ensuring not only the delivery of the product or service, but also and absolutely every step of the project in all its phases.

The purpose of warehouse turnkey projects is to offer a comprehensive service to the customer, so they do not have to worry about anything other than the supervision of the project to check that it is being implemented according to the previously agreed terms.

The TURNKEY PROJECT we offer is an end-to-end solution for projects, including survey and space planning, product design and fabrication, project management, delivery and installation, servicing and maintenance of projects.

What are the advantages of a turnkey project for a Warehouse?

From the customer`s perspective, the advantages of a turnkey project are as follows:

Budget Control:

The customer will know the estimated total cost of the warehouse project from the outset and can streamline the processes of carrying out the indicated financial transactions with only one supplier.

Single Contact:

Warehouse Projects involve multiple supplier contacts. Such a situation can slow down a project, lead to mistakes that ultimately affect the execution and take time which can be better devoted to other projects.

On Time Delivery:

The deadlines are set in the prior agreement. As all the processes are managed in a single company, a lot of time will be saved, since design and manufacturing times are established from the start and will not depend on third parties.

End to End Service:

Single company is responsible for end-to-end service of warehouse project, so it is easy for customer to monitor the process and progress of warehouse project.

Customization Allowed:

Only one company is responsible for the development of the warehouse project, if any customizations are allowed to the project.

Personalised after-sales service:

If a problem of any kind arises after the delivery of the turnkey project, the customer will be able to interact directly with the supplier without having to contact or coordinate with different companies or personnel responsible. This will enable faster and more efficient incident management.


The aim for every business is to produce a sustainable profit. That begins with optimising the storage of the products, or essential items required to support the smooth operation of the company. This all starts with maximising the space within your facility, office or any other space frequently used for storage. By making the most of the space available to you, the business becomes more efficient, productive and profitable.

We offer a complete site survey and space planning service to help you create the ultimate storage environment. Our team of storage consultants can analyse the current available space and storage demands and give you a complete design using 2D and 3D computer generated design.

When submitting a proposal, we include 2D or 3D space plans and designs. This makes it easier for you to visualise how the space will look once the installation has been completed. 3D planning will highlight the storage layout in more detail, along with access and walkways and any stairs or lifts installed in a mezzanine system. If any changes are required, the designs can be adjusted before any work begins.


Our warehouse design process is carefully and specifically tailored to the needs of your business, ensuring we meet goals, are health and safety compliant, giving you a highly efficient and working warehouse layout.

We have many years of experience in the industry, providing solutions to businesses of all sizes in many different sectors. Regardless of the purpose of your warehouse, our design team can design bespoke solutions for optimum efficiency.

Our dispatch is to make your warehousing solutions more difficult for you, maximize your ROI and optimize your business efficiency on a daily basis.

Expert Advice:

Our team of expert warehouse designers start by carrying out a comprehensive survey of your warehousing needs, understanding your pressure points and getting to grips with what you’d like to achieve.

Comprehensive Design:

With a focus on making your warehouse work harder for you, our team will put together a comprehensive warehouse design that’s cost-effective and efficient.

Built for your business:

Following a full site survey and consultation, we will present our best designs to meet your particular business needs. Not only will the plan show our recommended layout, but it also includes all technical data related to racking configuration and equipment, mezzanine floors, office layouts and any other components.


Over the years many of our customers have told us that transportation is one of the biggest problems they`ve encountered when arranging the installation of a new warehouse and storage system. This is why we have been able to offer both equipment storage and transport solutions, no matter how big or small the project is.

We have an extensive fleet of vehicles which allows us to offer a complete range of transportation. Whether you need an articulated lorry, or a small van, we have the ideal solution for the job. Our team has the flexibility to work with the greatest efficiency when it comes to large installations or large scale commercial moves.


Our project management service is designed to make the implementation of your project run as smoothly as possible. This allows you to remain on budget and deliver the requirements on time while focusing on managing the day-to-day demands of your business.

Our project management team work closely with you from start to finish, providing detailed updates and site visits when required, while offering full technical support to ensure the project is delivered as agreed from the design stage through to completion. Working with your dedicated project manager, your business will have access to the full range of our project management services which include:


The maintenance of any warehouse and storage system not only protects your investment in the long term, but it ensures the items being stored remain in good condition, along with the safety of the staff using it. Our servicing and maintenance service is available to all our clients, giving them assurance they are working with a professional supplier who always has their best interests at heart.